• Imagine the feeling of the sun on your face and the wind whistling passed you as you soar over the rolling picturesque countryside below. You’re climbing higher, exploring the multi-colored tapestry of the world outstretched beneath your dangling feet. You feel the presence of the world below; a truly unique perspective that the majority never get to see… You turn your head, catching a glimpse of something over the next hill, and suddenly you’re following a meandering wild river leading you to your next adventure. Prepare to be the pilot-in-command, to experience a new sense of freedom, to enjoying exhilarating views and thrills that are truly unique to flying. Welcome to the sport of Paramotoring!
  • Young or old, don't think it’s difficult; motor paragliding techniques are easy to pickup and you’ll quickly improve. Expect some physical activity but all levels of fitness should cope.
  • Learning to fly a paramotor is safe, easy and lots of fun. With small class sizes and great student to instructor ratios, the majority of students complete training within a 10 day course.
  • Find the best training in the world at Senditppg  where you will train with Matt Minyard, the star of Paramotor the Americas.  Schedule your class! 
  • Classed as a foot-launched ultralight aircraft, in the majority of countries across the globe including the USA paramotoring is a self-regulated sport and has no formal pilot licensing or flight hours requirement.