Parajet Maverick Sport Moster 185 Plus MY20

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  • Simple, ingenious design. Strong, lightweight titanium airframe. Well-formed, conversation starting good looks. These are the things that make the Parajet Maverick paramotor the perfect partner for those that live for the thrill of adventure, or the camaraderie of a weekend cruise with friends. Add the choice of reliable, fuss-free Vittorazi engines and the distant horizon is yours to explore.
  • Built like a bird’s skeleton; light, solid and awaiting to fly. The Maverick titanium airframe is a seamless fusion of finely honed geometry coupled with the vision for a beautifully modern high-quality finish. A perfect balance of lateral stiffness and vertical compliance. Unparalleled strength-to-weight with just enough spring in its step to forgive those occasional butt-landings. A natural coating of Titanium Dioxide ensures that no matter how punishing the conditions, it will never succumb to rust, decay or corrosion.
  • The elegant lines of the Maverick airframe accentuates the natural beauty of Titanium. The soft glow and timeless allure of its lightly brushed and polished surface is hard to resist, impossible to ignore. That’s why we choose not to paint our airframe, it needs little embellishment. Show your true style with anodized components to compliment a choice of rich, reflective net rings that really achieve a spectacular finish to your Mav.
  • The most enjoyable paramotor is one that everyone can use. That makes your desire to get airborne easier, quicker and more fun. So when you get to the field, you spend more time on what matters most rather than left struggling on the ground. The Maverick simplifies your setup. The plug-and-play cage and snap-fit netting system eliminates the need for tools and gets rid of unnecessary faff, so your impulse to fly will feel less like a chore. In less time than it takes to drink your morning brew, you’re ready to throw it on your back and start having fun.
  • The Maverick will blow your mind as to how capable it is. All our expertise combined into one uncomplicated paramotor. All killer and no filler. The perfect well-mannered training workhorse one minute, to dominating technical cross-country without a second thought the next.
  • With all levels of pilot in mind, the Maverick allows you to change up your style without worrying about whether you have too little or too much for your flying. For incredible versatility, the Maverick will not disappoint. And do it all while delivering maximum smiles