Paramotor the Americas - The Book

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A photo journey of flight and friendship from Texas to Argentina. Two friends (Glenn Tupper and Matt Minyard) take you on a journey like no other. They set out across the border headed South into Mexico and travel through Central and South America in search of flying adventure. Armed only with the power of the Paramotor and an extreme thirst for adventure they soon discover that the journey they set out on would transform into a journey of friendship that knows no bounds of country borders. The passion of flight is shared by everyone and all, no matter where you are from. This book is a photography journey of epic proportion. The endless beaches of Mexico, active volcanoes of Guatemala, to the beautiful islands of Panama, all the way to the sacred grounds of Machu Picchu, over the Andes to majestic Argentina and beyond. These are just a few of the landscapes you will find in this 471 page photo journey of flight and friendship. Take the journey with us and inspire yourself to take part in your own adventure. The world awaits you!

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